National Apple Pie Day

 I did’t want today to go by without acknowledging that it is National Apple Pie Day.  And it’s a good thing, with all the apples I had in my fruit drawer that needed attention and soon. Nobody wants to open a drawer in the refrigerator and find the shriveled apple faces or the remains of fruit way past its prime and the juice that is left behind. Ick  

 I decided to make Kelly Senyei’s Caramel Apple Hand Pies I saved the recipe some time ago. It just so happened that along with the apples I also I had a block of caramel in the cupboard ready to be used before the heat of the summer got to it (of course cubes of caramel needed to be taste tested during the process. One for the pie and one for me)!  I did not make Kelly’s pie dough, I had some in the freezer. It seems like cosmic alignment of baking ingredients.

 It did’t take long for the apple pie assembly line to begin. I ended up with more hand pies than we could eat. The hubster trekked to the neighbors pies in hand, no pun intended, to give them away. Now, I suspect that my neighbors are also happy to celebrate Apple Pie day.  If they weren’t ready to celebrate before they are now.

Apples and caramel

Let the assembly begin

That’s a lot of pies

One o the many trays of pies


These did not make it to the neighbors!

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