Odds and Ends

Draft form to a blogger means a post that was written and saved for another day. So when I was going through my blogs I found several drafts that needed my attention. In 2011 turned a “young in spirit” the big 5-0. Yes, I know those who know me that I am that young! As many of you know the hubster took me to Paris and Rome to celebrate.
To help balance spending Euros on food, we love to picnic. The quinquennial spot is under the Eiffel Tower.

Typical Parisian Picnic

So this was the picnic on the last night. One of the new foods I hunted down in Paris was Speculoos.  It is made from  those little Belgium spice cookies (Delta Airlines has them) it’s kind of like Nutella but on a whole different level. And now you can find it in the US or you can get them on line from Biscoff/Louts website or at Jungle Jim’s outside of Cincinnati. The potato chips are in another discovery and are in a class all by themselves. I love all the different flavors you can only find in Europe. For me the l’Ancien goat cheese chips — ARE  the best tasting chips, EVER! I wish I could have them sent here from there! ( I contacted Lays in the US and no they don’t sell them here).

Picnicking is a great way to save money on food and a very nice way to spend a warm spring evening well in our case it was really cold, good thing we brought the blankets from the hotel.

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