Found treasures

The winding dusty paths take you deeper into a labyrinth of stalls overflowing with objects from days gone by. Broken English and broken French are exchanged between buyer and seller but money becomes the universal language as agreements are met.
I love shopping in flea and antique markets wherever I travel. Never knowing what you will find in the cramped stalls, and being careful not to touch the merchandise or risk the scolding by the antique dealer. My favorite antique market in Paris,  Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. It’s just on the outskirts of the city. But first to get to this rusty antique Nirvana you must first pass through a gauntlet of sellers with merchandise that ranges from leather goods to “designer” handbags.

Drawer full of corkscrews

Best corkscrew ever found

I was on a mission to find a corkscrew that had a straight point and not a curled end. Hours can be spent looking and searching for that one object but when found its magic. I ended up  purchasing two corkscrews one for myself and one as a gift. To this day it’s the one that is pulled out of the drawer that is crammed with all kinds of corkscrews. Why we have so many is a mystery. Should we get rid of them? Of course not because maybe one day they will be the one that object someone is hunting for.

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