The Great Coastal Roast Off of 2011

Dry aged for three days

Roast out of the oven and resting

Dinner’s ready

Sunday dinner

Right now I am cooking what to some is a tradition Sunday supper, a standing rib roast. We are not Sunday supper eaters but when the chance came a long to cook a roast I jumped at it. I met  many people at the International Food Bloggers Conference in New Orleans this past summer but one very amazing person stood out, Carla Bayot in California. She is a mom, engineer and now a website desinger of I follower her on twitter and on Facebook.
So, this is how the roast off came about. She updated her status on facebook that she was going to cook a standing rib roast. Friends, including me, started commenting on how great and yummy it sounded and when  and what time was dinner. I’m not sure when I jumped in and stated that I would do one too, but I did.
I am following Alton Brown’s method of dry aging for several days in the refrigerator and Ina Garten’s directions for roasting. Setting my oven to 500 and cooking the roast for 45 minutes, you really must have clean over otherwise you’ll set the smoke dectectors off, like I did. When I prepared the roast I discovered that my thermometer was not working, the hubster Mr. Fix it, when into his shop and brought up a pyrometer. It’s a device that keeps track the temperature of a forge. Not really a kitchen tool, but in a pinch it might work, fortunately I found an extra battery.
So here I am cooking my rib roast on this gorlious autumn day and thinking why did this tradition fall of the radar. It seems an nice way to end the weekend, gather family and friends together, break bread and truth be told a great way to have left overs for lunch on Monday.

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