Sights of New Orleans

During my long weekend in New Orleans I ate a lot of great food and walked through the French Quarter. New Orleans is a charming southern city, with an identity all its own. Just the food alone is worth the trip. The gulf seafood is some of the best I have ever eaten from raw oysters, fried oyster, gumbo, bingets to PO’boys. A week later I am still thinking about the food.

On my last night in town I decided to stroll down Bourbon Street. Drinks are cheap, plentiful and big ass (their words not mine), you can walk down the street with a drink which amazed me, I still can’t get over that. Bourbon street is sticky and the smell reminds of the Paris subway. Which isn’t really a bad smell but it’s not a good smell either.  Its just a smell/stink/odor, lets just say it’s not good.  Now I understand why there was a naked man outside my hotel room in need of a robe and to be let back into his hotel room.  Considering the big ass cheap drinks and the oh so welcoming “Gentlemen’s clubs I’m surprised there was only one naked guy.   As the sun comes up the street sweepers come out to sweep up the trash and wash down the streets. Every day is a day to start anew.

Jackson Square

Oyster PO”boy from Deanie’s
Cafe du Monde waiting for the crowds

The French Market

The Italian Grocery

Iron work and plants

Art work at Jackson Square

Window at the Apothacary

Iron horse

THE Debris sandwich at Mothers

More plants and iron work

Hotel Montelone

Hurricane from the Carasol bar

Signage on Bourbon Street



Neon and Voodoo

More Voodoo on Bourbon Street

Prirates and Voodoo

Krazy Korner

More neon on Bourbon Street

Lobby of Hotel Monteleone in the heart of the French Quarter

I have to say the people are polite, easy to talk to and want to you show you the best of what the city has to offer. I can’t wait to go back.

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