Gettin’ out of town but not because of the hurricane

This week was adventure in the city. Earthquake on Tuesday and a hurricane headed this way for the weekend. Time to make preparations but the good news for me is I am heeding the warnings and gettin’ out of town. OK, we are not on the coast but there will be a lot of wind and rain. We will probably loose power, so who wants to be here for that? I’d rather drink Hurricanes than live through one.
I am headed out of town to New Orleans. I planned to attend the International Food Bloggers Conference hosted by Lots of great speakers, seminars, food and wine tastings, and even a bar crawl on Friday. I hope learn a lot meet new people from around the blog sphere.

The New OrleansCookbook

Who wouldn’t want to eat this food?

Brown frog legs well on all sides, that shouldn’t take long

So, as the great trip planner that I think I am, I came across this pamphlet cookbook while working on a project at work. We have a varied collection of cookbooks that were donated from the Culinary Historians of Washington. We call it the CHOW collection.  This cookbook pamphlet is from the fabulous 50’s  published by the Culinary Arts Institute in Chicago. I wish that I had time to cook from this pamphlet before I go but that will be my project when I get home. Who doesn’t want dishes called Jellied Veal Loaf, Pompano Florentine, Fried Frog Legs in Cream Sauce, Sweet Potato Pone, and Apple  Fritters.  So, if planes are flying in on Monday I can start planning to cook up a storm (no pun intended).

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