Laduree, Pierre Herme and Me


Pierre Herme’s Mosaic Tartlet 

My interpretation of the Mosaic Tartlet

Laduree’s Tartlettes Croustillantes ou Cerises from Sucre’

One of my favorite tartlets is the Mosaic Tart from Pierre Herme`.  While flipping through my Laduree` cookbook I came across the recipe Tartletts Croustillantes ou Cerises. It’s basically  the same tart different interpretation. So I was inspired to recreate the taste of the tart. After ordering the pistachio paste and almond flour online I was ready to make a tartlet off my own. After two days of making tart dough,  pastry cream, pitting cherries, and shelling the pistachios I have to say the tartlets were flaky and delightfully delicious. So, I  think I did pretty well with my interpretation. The final conclusion for me was that sometimes it is better to spend the money and let someone else do all the work and then I can enjoy it.

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