The Mother store of all cooking stores

Since 1820 E.DEHILLERIN is a Family Business, who keeps the tradition of the french kitchen culture. I had a wonderful opportunity to shop there on my last trip to Paris. This is the place were Julia Child and others in the culinary world shopped.

The mother store of all stores

Whisks, wooden spoons and a rolling pin

Copper frying pan

Copper sauce pan

It seems to be the mecca for all those who cook or bake. This is the pace if you want  copper pots and pans. You can find just about anything in this small, cramped, crowded store. The staff are not that easy to work with but I was finally able to let the salesman know that I really did want the copper frying pan and the sauce pan. 

I have been there before I bought whisks and and these fabulous wooden spoons, this was my birthday gift so I wanted copper. At first I wanted a bain marie but how often would I really use it so I put that one on the back burner (no pun intended) So I purchased the two copper cookware, a rolling pin, whisks and more wooden spoons- you can never have too many spoons. 

After packing them in the luggage I had to go through the tax refund office at the airport. Well that maybe a whole other blog, but the frustration needs to be shared. But I’ll make it short. 2 lines one for non Euro and Euro members and only one person working the non-Euro line. I only needed my paper stamped so I could mail the paper work back to the shop. Well, of course I was in the wrong line.  I needed  to be in the other line and of course it is moving very slowly. At least  there were three working that line. I was getting worried I might miss my plane. I still had to go through passport control then through security.


The line was moving but it seemed like everyone had inches thick receipts for the workers to sift through, really I only needed a stamp! Finally it was my turn- it took 5 seconds I just needed a stamp. I put the paperwork into the self addressed stamped envelope and pop into the very overstuffed poste box.

Well, the cargo made it home dent free and lovely as ever. Now let’s get cooking.


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