What to wear

The trip- two weeks in Rome and Paris, the carry on bag- 22 x 17 x 9 small enough to fit in the overhead bin. I never check my bags anymore. So, what to pack for a trip to very fashionable cites? What to wear to a city that irons clothes and dresses up to take out the trash?
I had to go through the closet and pick out clothes for both cities. So what do you pack?  I finally narrowed it down to a black color scheme. So, everything needs to go with the basics. I decided on 2 pairs of pants, 3 skirts, 2 shirts, 4 tee shirts, 2 day dresses and  2 evening dresses and one sweater and 2 pairs of shoes one which I will wear on the plane.

Everything is laid out 

The packing starts

Clothes hang over the edge of the pack

Let the folding over begin

LOVE jersey material-no wrinkles

Almost done

That’s about it

My technique of packing I learned from the TV on a Oprah show. I lay out each piece of clothing and let it hang over the edge of the bag. Then when everything is is the bag I start folding each piece over each other. Unpacking is even easier it comes out in a cube. It also helps that you can do laundry on your trip if is a long trip. One great thing about my packing method is no wrinkles.

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