DC “State” fair

The DC “State” Fair
Judging the cupcakes
The start of the S’more cupcakes

Lemon bar cupcakes
Marshmallow frosting

On August 28th DC will have the 1st ever “state” fair. I have entered cupcakes. Lemon bar cupcakes and S’more cupcakes. The plethora of cupcakes filled the kitchen. I wanted to find out the best way to present the S’more cupcakes. Should the gram cracker go on the bottom or in the middle? Next, should the topping consist of homemade marshmallow or a single marshmallow? So, I will make them several ways and let my family and friends decide. I decided on homemade marshmallow. It burned nicely with my kitchen torch and looked the best. Judging begins at 12:30 and the cupcakes must be there between 11-12. I don’t think that I will sleep tonight. Saturday was the big day 44 entries in the cupcake contest. Unfortunately I did not make the final cut for the ribbons. I am all ready planning next year entries.

Finished S’more cupcakes

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