Summer of the Corn

This year we are buying a lot of corn at the farmer’s markets. I love sweet white corn. Except for grilled corn on the cob the only other recipe I make is my corn pudding dish that has been passed down through my family, and we only have that at Thanksgiving.
So, to my surprise I have made two recipes using corn in as many weeks. This time it was Creamed Summer Corn again from the Ad Hoc at Home cookbook. It’s a very simple recipe with just a few ingredients. Corn, lime zest and juice, a few chives and of course cream.
This seemed like a good recipe for a side dish for Sunday dinner. That is what I had planned, late Sunday supper until mother nature decided I did not need electricity on Sunday so it was a hurry up and cook while I can still see by natural light. Candlelight is fine for dinning but not cooking.
The recipe took 30 minutes including prep time. With all these recipes with corn I am now getting good at cutting off the kernels with out cutting my fingertips. The combo of the cream and the hint of lime made this to my “Oh I must make this again” list. And it was even tastier the next day.       


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