Cream, Creme Fraiche, mushrooms and noodles=Beef Stroganoff

Just a few rich ingredients and you get something special. I found this out with the Beef Stroganoff I made today from the Ad Hoc cookbook. The cream  sauce was simmered for 35 minutes with chopped mushrooms and sauted onions.  Once the sauce is reduced you blend up the mushrooms and onions. Being carful not to put to much in the blender. Nothing is more painful than hot mushroom spewing on your foot. Back in pan goes what is left of the cream and then Creme Fraiche is added, please do not use sour cream, and you have a wonderful rich sauce that has wonderful deep earthly undertones. The creme fraiche adds another layer of depth of flavor and lends a sweet taste. I’m stuffed. But what to make next?


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