Thursday, September 29, 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many of you participate in 3 day walks, Breast fests, fundraisers or some other event, me, I bake in support of Breast Cancer awareness month.
With the statistics of 1 in 8 women affected by breast cancer, I didn't just want to repost my story about my friend and co-worker, Gwen Leighty, who lost her battle with disease. I wanted to remember and pay tribute to her once again.
Gwen was a real go getter at work. She always seemed to be on mission and I guess she was as our chief fundraiser. Always on the job to find the next be donor. She was still fundraiser and working when she could during her fight. She was always looking out for the staff. When we needed funds for a staff event she was right there asking what we needed. Never hesitating to make sure we had what we needed.
One fall before her untimely death, she gave me some antique gardening books and tubers of irises from her garden. The irises were planted right away and the next spring bloomed in to the softest shade of a bluish violet. The books are still on my shelves and the irises are still thriving. When they bloom in the spring and as I pass them in the yard I smile and  think fondly of a friend and dear co-worker.

So these cupcakes are for everyone who has been touched by this disease. They are the copycat of Hostess cupcakes and I'll blog about that latter this month.



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