Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kitchen update week 4

floors are level and it is one big room 

new windows, drywall is going up   

new cabinets and new cook top and stove

One level floor, what a difference it makes   

I am a little behind on my kitchen remodel posts. The remodel is now in the 4th week. The floors are level and the electrical work is almost complete. They will come back to finish the electrical after the all-important inspection Thursday.

The floors are level and I can see all the possibilities. It seems like so much more room but after the cabinets are in and in all the appliances are in it will probably seem crowded.

new centered larger opening

The electricians have been working for 4 days now and as they were cleaning up I discovered an issue of concern. They had the sink light and the garbage switch in the wrong location and now that I think about it the quad outlet may need to be moved as well. 

wall of cabinets with lots of storage

I am hoping that will not interfere with the schedule or whatever they call a schedule.

Once the electrical work is done then they come back to finish framing the doorways, drywall, flooring install the cabinets, tile and paint, hook up the appliances and finish the details.

We had the original door stripped and it ready to hang.

There is almost light at the end of the tunnel, there is almost light at the end of the tunnel…

I am trying to figure out what to create when it is complete.

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