Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chihuly Glass and Gardens,

Space Needle and Chihuly Glass

DISCLAIMER:  In exchange for a discounted registration rate to attend IFBC 2015 I have agreed to write three blog posts of any topic from the conference, sponsors or anything about the host city of Seattle.  

Seattle is known for its rainy weather so I didn’t mind when the forecast for the afternoon called for showers. Walking around the city was a perfect way to shake off the miserable 5 ½ hour flight from DC.
I was in town attending the 2015 International Food Blogging Conference. I wanted to give myself extra time to explore some of the city. And this time I did not want to miss going to the Chihuly Gardens exhibition. I tried two years ago but it was closed due to a private event.
I was not disappointed. From the first sculpture to the last out in the garden they did not disappoint. The way the light played into the sculpture was awe inspiring. The boats filled with his sculptures to the hanging sculpture it was all so much to take in. Every viewing angle was revealed a different play on color. 

And then you get to the gardens outside. Luckily for me it was raining so the crowd were at minimum. I strolled slowly around each section. Each garden revealing a different feel. The plants were even coordinated to blend perfectly to the orbs, spike or tall flower like pieces. The light was muted and to me that made all the difference. I wandered through several times peering into the gardens seeing different colors at different angles. It was quiet solitude moment as I stared at an orb only to be disturb by a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower unware of the glass beauty around us.
An peaceful respite before the buzz and chaos of the conference.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's the last un-State fair for this baker

A cool fall day, a great day for the fair.

Sept 12th 2015 a day that I think I will never forget. It's the last of the DC un-State fair for me. I’m hanging up my apron and putting away my ice cream maker for good this year. This was going to be my last State Fair. I gave it my best shot. 

Blueberry with rosemary in the crust.

My caramel apple pie.

Three ribbons this year! First place in ice cream and second place with my apple pie and second in pie crust! And I can hang up my aprons and put away my pie plates with my head held high and a go out a winner! 
I entered two pies and two ice creams in hopes of claiming the spoils of victory again.   A blueberry with rosemary in the crust and a caramel apple. The ice cream was a buttered pecan with a twist and a pear candied ginger. This  year was a banner year.  

Whoot, whoot, 2nd year for first place in ice cream.

2nd place for my apple pie and 2nd place for my crust.

It has just become too much to prepare for, work full time and spend time with family and a very needy dog. Well I say that now, and next year I just might change my mind. Fair warning if any of my friends and family hear me plotting entries for the fair please remind me of all the work and logistics it takes and just say no. 
I have to say it was fun and thrilling but very nerve racking at the same time. It makes for a very long day and very short weekend! 

So that’s it. I can walk away happy.