Saturday, March 14, 2015

3.1415... PI day or 3/14 Pie Day

Pie crust for the blueberry pie

While I appreciate what 3.1415.... PI is all about I am happier about Pie. Now really, who doesn't like pie? The hardest part of pie day is trying to figure out what kind out pie to make. Fruit, frozen, or cream pie? Do I leave it up to the randomness of social media suggestions or just make a decision? Social media it is. I asked the question of what pie I should make on Facebook. My cousin Ryan suggested blueberry so, blueberry it is for at least one.
The other pie was a S'mores pie. This one has been on my mind for a long time. Pie day was a great way, or excuse, to make it. OK, the real reason I chose s'mores pie was I wanted to use my kitchen torch. Who doesn't like fire? It's a cold, wet morning and I get to play with fire and eat pie. The S'mores Pie is a mishmash of several different recipes. One recipe for the crust and the filling is from Tyler Florence's chocolate tart. The result a sticky topping with a very rich, and I mean rich, decadent chocolate filling. The topping is ok, it didn't turn out the way I wanted so next time I might make my own  marshmallow topping.  But it is still good enough to eat, and on that note, Happy Pie Day.

ready for the oven

Blueberry pie, my cousin Ryan's suggestion

chocolate pie filling for the s'mores pie

Toasted marshmallows and kitchen torch

Happy Pie Day

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let it snow!

Sleeping with the pjs inside out, throwing snow seeds out in the yard, snow dances sometimes is necessary to get a snow day. And finally we got not just one but two in the last few weeks. Spring's around the corner so I'll take them!

It seems this winter has been quite the bust in snow department. So, up and out this morning to shovel  and clear the sidewalk then I can bake. I have never been able to figure out why but people go crazy if the word snow is in forecast. Frenzied shoppers flock to the store and in a panic empty the shelves of  bread, milk, and toilet paper.  Just how much toilet paper are people going to use in day or two?  Oh, I make sure we have staples to see us through but I  always stock up on the necessities of  butter, eggs, flour, and chocolate. When it snows I bake.
Now that we had another storm yesterday and had a snow day wanted to make something quick and easy so I made chocolate chip cookies. 
With so few snow days this winter and the first snow day of  2015 I made a deep, dark gingerbread cake. It was perfect since my mom surprised me last Christmas with a snowflake bunt pan. Over the years I have owned my share. Sand castles, trees, sunflowers, now a big snowflake to add to the collection. So after returning from the cold and a warm breakfast in my stomach, now it was time to pay homage to the snow gods that heard my calls for snow. I found the recipe online from Food52. It's a very dark and not overly sweet cake. Just perfect to eat while snuggled up by a warm fire with a warm drink.

This recipe was adapted from http://food I did not make the icing and made two separate cakes

All stocked up on ingredients for cake
Gingerbread Cake for snow days

And now for the cookies and to take them to the neighbors. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart. Used chocolate crunchy Valhrona chocolate pearls as well as milk chocolate chips.

Chocolate chip cookie time

Warm from the oven cookies and ice cold milk.