Monday, June 27, 2011

Paris Patisseries-Lenotre

Everything comes in box and nice bag

Meriange a la Creme Fouette


Feulle d'Automne


Raspberry Tart

Vanille en BonBon
On the way to the metro from our quaint hotel on Champ du Mars is a wonderful patisseries Lenotre. This shop was on the list of patisseries to visit while in Paris. So how lucky we were that it was right around the corner, so convienent, and so many opportunities to do "research".  I sampled the Vanille en BonBon, Millefeuille, Concerto, Feulle d'automne, Meringe a la creme fouette, an of course a Raspberry Tart. I have listed six and  it seems like I had more but there were many other shops and pastries so six it was.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paris Patisseries-Pierre Herme'

Pierre Herme'

Tarte Mosaic

Tarte Citron

Tarte Citron
This was the last patisserie we stopped in for the day.  They did not let me take pictures in their shop, it is a busy little shop. After I purchased a box of chocolates, a Tarte Citron, and a Tarte Mosaic ( a tart of pistachio and cherries). Pierre Herme' is close to Saint Sulpice so I stopped in after my pastry break. A shady bench and a pastry makes for a perfect late afternoon break.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paris Patisseries-Ladure'e

Pastries offered at Laduree'

More pastries

It was hard to choose what to pick


The shop window

The front of the shop

Praline Sucre

Chocolate eclair

Assortments of macarons
According to blogs, reviews and pastry lovers this shop is the quintessential macaron shop in the city. They also don't allow photos, at least at the shop at the airport and other locations in the city. I walked in and  I was totally amazed at all the pastries they had to offer. I went to the back of the store and it was a little busy so I pulled my camera out of my bag and quickly and quietly took some pictures. I didn't use a flash, step in front of anyone so I took some more pictures. I didn't get chased away when I took pictures of the shop on the street. When I was done taking pictures I had to decide what to eat. They did have a wide array of macarons but towards the back is where the other pastries were displayed. I purchased more macarons strictly for "research" decided on a chocolate eclair and  Praline Sucre. The eclair was OK, but the Praline was creamy and chocolaty a good choice.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Paris Patisseries-Arnaud Larher

Assortment of  macarons


Cacao nibs

Arnaud Larher

Cacao Nibs

The Toulouse Lautrec

The Macaron de Clara
One thing that draws me to Paris is the food, especially the pastries. Paris had many top notch patisseries, OK, a lot. So on Friday we decided to tackle four of them. First  stop was Arnaud Lanher. They allowed us to take pictures, I'm sure that they get asked that question a lot. I did not want to intrude in the shops. At Arnaud Lanher  I purchased a four pack box of macarons and a Toulouse and a Macaron de Clara.  We carried these around most of the day until we stopped at Saint Sulpice for a pastry break.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Foods from Rome

When on a recent trip to Rome I had a chance to eat some of the most delicious pasta and pizza. Our rule of thumb when eating in a new city find places where the locals eat. In big tourist cities it is usually blocks from the main sites. We scout out a restaurant and listen. Yes, there will be tourists but we like to hear more of the local language than our own.
One of many places to have a great meal

Gooey, cheesy Quarto Formaggi Gnocchi 

Taverna near our apartment 

A little wine with dinner

Deep fried squash blooms with cheese and anchovies

Mussels with wine and garlic

The best lasagna?

Quarto formagie pizza with brie


Cokes in Europe are so much better than in the US

Caprese salad

Penne with Vodka sauce
No doggie bag tonight


And of course the famous Limoncello  

Dinner was great
In Rome we found a wonderful little place near our apartment. We ate there twice. I have to say the lasagna is actually better than mine. We had pizza that had brie cheese and then blue cheese on another. There are so many things to say about the food- cheesy, gooey, flavorful, crisp, I could go on but just thinking about the food is making me hungry. We made friends with the Germans at the table next to us, even though we don't speak the same language food is the common denominator. So, listen, look and most of all enjoy.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Flea Market trip in Paris

Book Press


Light switches


More cameras

One on my favorite things to do in Paris that does not involve eating is going out to the outskirts of Paris to the largest flea market I have ever visited. It is the mother of all flea markets. Open Sat-Monday, Puces St. Ouen is one large market. Over 2,000 vendors and rows upon rows of stalls, there is something for everyone. You have to pass by all the leather vendors and vendors selling cheap merchandise.

 Years ago we found some antique corkscrews and were on the hunt for more. It was incredible that we found the vendor from before but did not have what we looking for. I did find antique linens and some small things. We did not spend all day there so I can't wait to go back and see more.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tacos in Paris??

Ok, I had scheduled this blog for later this month, but after the article in the NY Times I decided to move this post up in the schedule.

The menu

The sign- you may miss it

That's it- the whole place

The tacos and tostadas

More tacos

The homemade guacamole and chips

Up close and personal

Fillings made fresh daily

Homemade shells

Brownies made fresh

The sign leading to Candelaria
In the land of some of the best food in the world there are some surprises. When planning a week long trip to Paris one can only imagine the wine, cheese, bread, croissants and pastries to eat and that are out of this world. But, after several days of all the rich food I get cravings. It is usually for bacon and eggs but this time it was Mexican.
I had read several blogs that had discussed the lack of ethnic restaurants, in particular Mexican. I read the blogs that listed many good and authentic Mexican places all over town. When deciding which one, our group settled on Candelaria.
The meat and spices cooking wafted down the street and led us to it. There is no big sign and if it wasn't a neon taco sign we would have missed it And we did. It is a cozy true Mexican taqueria. Candelaria is located in the 5th district and is a very,very small place.
It has one table that seats 4-5 and a bar with more seating. The menu is written on a piece chalkboard with the types of tostadsa, and tacos for the day. There are homemade brownies in a tray on the counter. The tortillas are made fresh as well as  the fillings. We ordered the tostadas and the tacos. The homemade salsa added some heat but not overwhelming spice.We arrived early 5:30 and had the place to ourselves. We sat at the only table, not the only available table, the only table and order the food. We would have to wait as the food was served when it was ready. The surprise of the place is the door at the back of the restaurant this door leads you to a secret bar serving up secret cocktails.
Go for the food stay for the cocktails.